Date: Friday 4th & Saturday 5th May 2018

Time: 9am – 5pm

Venue: The Rex Hotel, 150 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon ACT 2612

The National Inclusion Conference offers opportunities to hear from local, national and international speakers sharing stories and approaches of how a clear vision and self direction can lead to meaningful and inclusive lives for people with disabilities.

Day 1: Friday 4th May – Home, Work, Contribution and Relationships

Day 2: Saturday 5th May – Inclusive Education

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For Families

The power of stories increase families confidence and courage to seek out an ordinary life path for family members with disability. Listen to other families share their stories of success in achieving the Good Things in Life for their family member with disability. Parents who have found the courage to move their children from segregated special education to mainstream schools will talk about their journeys and the importance of a vision and strategies that helped them achieve inclusion in the classroom. Families will share their experiences of finding meaningful employment for their loved ones with very high support needs, transitioning from school to work, into homes of their own, and the importance of valued roles in creating a life of belonging in the community. Families will also talk about the importance of friendships and how to nurture long term relationships.

For Teachers

Gain a deeper understanding of differentiating curriculum and allowing for a wide range of learning styles and abilities in the classroom, from professionals who have taken this concept from theory to practice. Experts will share knowledge and information around developing an ILP, new frameworks to create lesson plans, the Design Thinking approach, and understanding behaviour, while families will share their perspectives on what inclusion in the classroom means to them. Additionally, Principals and Education directorate staff will learn how one QLD successfully closed a learning support unit to fully include all students.

For Support Workers

What does supporting a person with disability really mean, and how do you carry this out in a manner that enables people to live a meaningful life? Hear stories from families who have self-directed their supports to create valued roles in the community for people with disability, and enabled them to contribute in meaningful ways. Gain ideas and inspiration on how to add value to your support role through focusing on the strengths and interests of the person you support, foster independence and experience the rewards of watching them reach their potential.

Audience at our 2016 conference

Audience at our 2016 conference