Did you know that there are 2.1 million Australians of working age with disability. Of these, just under half were employed (47.8%), compared with 80.3% of people without disability.

To improve these statistics, we need to think outside the box, become innovative in our approach to creating employment for people with a disability and support them in realising their desire to be employed and live their life with purpose. 

The Let’s Get to Work Conference is being run by Imagine More and Valued lives and is funded by an NDIS economic participation ILC grant.

The conference will be focusing on employment for people living with disability through customised employment and microenterprise, outlining the various steps that can be taken to support a person’s individual pathway to employment in the following ways: 

  • How to discover who a person is; their skills, talents, and interests by engaging the support of people who know them well 
  • How to identify work roles that match what is discovered 
  • How to identify conditions for success
  • How to customise a job 
  • How to provide the best support for a person with disability starting a job
  • How to gain the courage to give someone with a disability a chance of a meaningful job
  • To understand that employing one person at a time rather than grouping people with disability if best practice. 
  • How to set up a Microenterprise
  • Find out about Tax, ABN’s and how working interacts with the Disability support pension.

and plenty more….

Who Should Attend the Let’s Get to Work Conference?

People with disabilities, Families/carers, Potential employers, Business owners DES providers, Community members