Greg is the father of Sam and Ingrid and husband of Anne. Before becoming an academic economist Greg worked in steel mills, as a driver, furniture removalist, harvesting grapes and in a restaurant. His son, Sam, a keen gardener, church member and theatre-goer, who happens to have autism, started working in a valued role when he was in Year 11. Now 18, Sam has just recently graduated from College and started a second job. Sam’s family and friends are now focused on job discovery and mainstream employment for Sam as part of his independent living; for the `good life’.


Ingrid is Sam’s sister. She is a university student, a volunteer, and has worked in a variety of retail and hospitality positions. Ingrid has always wanted these same opportunities and experiences to be available to, and offered to, her brother. She is involved in Sam’s discovery for employment process because she can’t beat the feeling of hearing him talk about a good day at work.