Jan is the Executive Director of Imagine More, a family-led organisation based in Canberra. Jan co-founded Imagine More in 2013 to strengthen family leadership and advocacy for people with a disability to get the good things of life. Imagine More’s guiding principles are based on Social Role Valorisation, inclusion, relationships, family involvement and community contribution.

Jan and her husband have learned (and continue to learn) from years of advocating for their son, Jack, to be fully included through school, local clubs, neighbourhood and local community. Jack is a year 10 student at a Catholic school, runs a lawn mowing business with his cousin, is a paid referee at his local soccer club, is a drama student and happens to have Down syndrome.

Jan is an unapologetic advocate for all people with disability to live valued and meaningful lives. Jan has a strong interest in seeking out roles for people with disability to participate and contribute that also provides opportunities for positive relationships to flourish. After all, relationships are at the heart of belonging and connection.