Jodie is a passionate and enthusiastic parent who loves talking about inclusive education with anyone who wants to listen (and occasionally with some who don͛t!). She and her husband have two children, 11 and 18. Their daughter attended her local preschool, primary and high schools and is now in Year 12 at college.

Jodie loves living in an area with a real sense of community and where the neighbours all know each other. She believes that everybody has their thing a talent, a passion, a skill –of value to contribute to those around them. In her professional life Jodie has worked in a range of government policy and program areas. She enjoys working collaboratively, and looking for simple, creative solutions to complex problems – just because no one has done it that way before doesn’t mean it can’t be done.


Day 2 1:35 – 3:00

Riding the Rapids – from Kindy to Year 12

Our experience with inclusive education has been like a white water rafting trip – sometimes calm, sometimes bumpy, and sometimes you just have to hang on and go with it!

This presentation follows our family’s experience as our daughter has travelled from Kindy to Year 12 at our local schools. We have had some successes, some hiccups and lots of challenges. We will share some of the tips and strategies we have learnt along the way, and hope to encourage other families to continue on their inclusive school journey – and enjoy the ride!