Justine Hall will share a family perspective on taking the steps needed to get off the fence. As the parent of 3 children with a disability, Justine found that attending workshops on Social Role Valorisation had a huge impact on her thinking and she now uses these principles to guide her children’s lives and activities. It has changed the direction of her eldest son’s life, with him moving out of a day program to having a valued role as an employee for several companies and studying music at TAFE. As a result he now has a flourishing network of friends and supports.

Justine and her family also self-direct her son’s NDIS package which enables them to influence and shape richer and inclusive outcomes for the future.


Day 1 2:30 – 3:10

Getting off the fence and getting a real life

Brodie’s story: what life looks like now, what it was.

First steps, getting started, getting stuck along the way, losing momentum, getting going again.

Key guidelines/ principles learnt with examples of how each have been put into practice.

  • Start where you are. Local, small steps, success builds success
  • Recognize natural cycles of activity
  • Make yourself accountable. Commitment to self, another. Value of mentorship, peer support.
  • View problems & obstacles as solutions yet to be discovered.
  • Do what works, stop doing what doesn’t.
  • Ask often- what’s good, better, best?
  • Understand where your true resources reside. Step out of funding mindset. Develop sustainable energy circuits.
  • The magic of critical mass: where the good life really blossoms.
  • Know your role is obsolete. Releasing control, fear, anxiety.
  • Building a bridge of belief of what’s possible. Doubt and saboteurs, protecting the vision.
  • Take up your leadership niche.
  • Be clear on purpose. Get real about consequences of not taking action.