Paul is currently conducting a research masters investigation on identifying profound and rapid change in teacher understanding of teaching and learning. In his spare time he is a founding director and company secretary of Imagine More Ltd and a very keen Swans fan. Paul was moved by three words from Bruce Uditsky at the last Imagine More Conference – Welcoming, Belonging, Learning – and uses the guiding principles of Social Role Valorisation, inclusion, relationships, family involvement and community contribution in his approach to understanding the role of school in developing community. Prior to becoming a teacher 11 years ago Paul was a founding director and CEO of a large agricultural trust in northern NSW.


Day 2 1:35 – 3:00

Using a lesson design framework to implement effective differentiation

This session will introduce research being applied under the umbrella of a community of practice in three schools in the ACT. The ELPSA lesson design framework is consistent with how we learn most things in life, providing a structure identifying how mathematical concepts and understanding are acquired and developed. ELPSA, providing the core of an action research project investigating teacher beliefs and practice in the ACT, represents five learning components, namely: Experience, Language, Pictorial, Symbolic and Applications. Alongside ELPSA the project promotes student engagement, non-verbal communication, reasoning, perseverance and tasks involving multiple entry and exit points for all students. Some practical examples involving a range of subject areas and year groups will be discussed alongside opportunities to share and commence developing resources.